How  To Get Wikipedia Backlinks

As you know, Wikipedia is one of the largest, oldest and most authoritative websites on the world wide web which in turn makes Wikipedia backlinks as one of the most powerful and authoritative links on the internet.

If you may have noticed, it is very hard to do a keyword word search on Google that does not display Wikipedia in the top 10 of its page rankings.

Google’s search alogorithms love a genuine and authentic link from Wikipedia.

Building backlinks on Wikipedia is not as easy as it sounds.

Building backlinks on Wikipedia may not be difficult but it is definitely based on strategy and tactics.

There are 3 ways in which backlinks can be built on Wikipedia :

  • Dead Links
  • Broken Links
  • Unique Links

How Does the Dead Link Opportunity work?

Before we move into the dead link opportunity, let us define :

What is a Dead Link?

A dead link is a link that is no longer functional or active. It means that the content which was once on linked to the “dead link” does not exist anymore.

A dead link indicates to Wikipedia moderators that it must be updated or fixed.

Here comes the opportunity, where your content be the link that wikipedia moderators are looking for.

Wikipedia is no different. It is just like any other website. There are so many links attached to each topic that hundreds of then are inactive or broken and nearly impossible to place on top in real time.

So the opportunity for creating backlinks comes in the form of providing Wikipedia the content, they require to fill that link with.

How Does the Broken Link Opportunity work?

One of the most important white hat link building strategies is to scour the internet looking for broken links.

But it is seen that this is a super time consuming and the return on effort is generally seen to be very low.

However if you are an SEO expert, you will realise that if one link is broken on Wikipedia,  it is broken for all the sites that link to that particular link as well.

It means that from one broken link, one can find anywhere from one to three thousand link building opportunities, depending on the domain and the topic.

The Unique Link Opportunity

It is a well known fact that each and everyone is able to create a Wikipedia account on the internet.

Which in turn means that you have access to create your own backlinks on specific webpages.

Theoretically, I can go and edit a page on Keyword Research and add my webpages links to my own articles in the relevant sections.

This would be by adding new content that improves the overall structure and information on the page. Whether it’s a new sentence, paragraph or entirely new section.

If you combine the dead link, broken link and unique link opportunities you have a flexible, easy to manage Wikipedia backlink building strategy.

You can:

  • Use broken links to get links from authority sites
  • Use dead links to build Wikipedia backlinks
  • Include your own unique links in Wikipedia pages

If you can replicate this with four or five pages, the amount of links you’ll be able to build with targeted, relevant pages keeps growing.

This approach makes it really easy to get some serious link juice & relevant traffic!