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Visualize your Data

With more data available from disparate sources and streams, businesses need a better way to synthesize meaning from it. Telling a story with interactive charts, heat maps, histograms, cartograms, scatter plots, and infographics can be a competitive differentiator


Gain fast & accurate insights across your business


We start by analyzing business processes and interview all business leaders to understand their goals, performance indicators and expectations to help them depict the enterprise story.


During the creation process, our BI team uses robust visualization techniques and experience to reflect the true enterprise story via maps, charts or any other visual formats.


Our BI team understands the importance of user design which is critical to achieving stunning visuals. To provide the impactful visualization, we take into account all the elements of the user design.


Our Tableau experts give you formal training so that you can simplify and synthesize complex data through dynamic and descriptive visualizations so it is easier to showcase to line managers and executives.

Explore Endless Possibilities with Dashboards

Dashboard Development

We develop customized, visually alluring dashboards which are clean, attractive, easily understandable with extraordinary data visualization ability.

We empower businesses to create simple yet comprehensive reports that provide all the needed information in the prescribed formats, facilitating trend monitoring and faster decision making.

BI Consulting

Go Digital Lab helps customers convert organizational data into actionable insights and resolve business analytics challenges ranging from ideation to implementation.

We help companies in analysing raw data, implementing BI solutions and explore big data opportunities arising from SAP, SAP BW, MongoDB and various RDBMS (SQL, MySQL, Oracle, IBM).

Data Visualization

With data visualization in our portfolio of BI services, we help our customers uncover new patterns and insights on the fly with visual context, patterns, trends and correlations that might go undetected in text based data which is quite important in decision making.

Besides, we help create custom geo-analytic reports using location-based data combined with powerful analytics which puts information at your fingertips.


Industries We Serve.



Many of our retail clients have been using our data visualization services to understand their customer buying behavior, perform purchase analysis, know unique visitors, product quantity sold and know average abandoned value. They are also using Tableau software to perform visitor analysis, know average sales value, sales conversion rates and much more.



Leading manufacturing firms seek our BI expertise to perform production analysis, analyze root causes, spot sales opportunities, win rate analysis, sales projection, point of sale actuals over time, monitor open orders and inventory levels, and to gain multi-level visibility into supplier quality, cost and resolve issues in real time.



Uncover valuable insights from our data visualization services. Gain real time-visibility over current stock, negotiate better with vendors, manage different business functions and improve collaboration between manufacturing, sales and distribution. Our BI experts enable Pharma companies to improve the speed of decision making, perform root cause analysis, control expiration rates and augment the quality of care.



With fast performance and intuitive visualizations, understand high volumes of data in minutes. Easily understand product trends, perform ad-hoc analysis, plan product release, level up the performance of all departments, and discover hidden insights in your data. Jumpstart your analysis with actionable data and better understand project status, costs and profitability of your different departments.



Perform a detailed analysis of your education business and gain 360-degree visibility anytime, anywhere. From admissions to examinations; training to payroll management, manage all aspects seamlessly with a single click. The software also renders real-time visibility and enables all educators, key members and stakeholders to keep a track of fee, exams, finance, staff, assets, and other facets of the business.


Food & Beverage

Predict extreme spike in demand, monitor waste management, identify product availability, and manage end to end supply chain. Visualize your data than never before. Identify issues across stores, maximize return, ensure customer loyalty, and make profitable decisions daily with our data visualization services. Test drive the dashboard and see the immersive power of F&B yourself.

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